About Us

Small team. BIG results.

Max Video Productions is a full service production company specializing in visual media that delivers impact while engaging its target audience. We know what it takes to create captivating films without the oversized crew and over-the-top budget. Our team has earned numerous awards including the prestigious Emmy Award given to Dan Bruns. Storytelling is our passion and we’d love to help tell your story.


Owner / Creative Director / Lead Cinematographer (Dallas)

As an award winning cinematographer Max has an artistic eye for art and emotion. Through his passions and platform at Max Video Productions, he pursues his visions while delivering excellence client after client.

Max was born in Austin, Texas, but soon after moved to South Korea where he lived for 6 years.  In Korea at the young age of 7 he discovered his passion for movies. Movie watching quickly became a favorite father and son activity, subconsciously feeding the fires of Max’s future career.

Max moved back to the United States in grade school and graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in business economics. In 2003 a spark was lit when his wife to be purchased him his first digital camera.  With his lens front and center he gained experience with photography and cinematography through his explorations across Europe, the Virgin Islands, Thailand, Mexico and New Zealand.

Completely self-taught, Max found his niche and love of the lens. In 2012 he founded Max Video Productions, starting small and focusing on quality over quantity. The overwhelming response for his work was positive, validating his desire to go full force into cinematography.

Today Max has a portfolio showcasing his amazing ability to translate emotion through visual imagery. His work has been featured on nationwide TV and internationally.  He’s won 5 Telly Awards including 2 Gold for his documentary work with UC Davis in Cambodia.  Max adds, “I am thankful each and every day for being able to do what I love and I am passionate about.”

His desire and enthusiasm for cinematography thrives through the chance to create art for people from all walks of life. Sharing their stories through the lens of his camera gives Max the opportunity to capture and recreate the essence and emotion of the project in focus.


Lead Cinematographer (Sacramento)

Dan is a multi Emmy award winning cinematographer and editor who loves capturing the amazing moments of people and places almost as much as a good cup of coffee.

You wouldn’t know it by looking at him, but Dan is a fighter. Growing up in the frozen tundra of Fargo, North Dakota meant that Dan fought to stay warm during most of his childhood. Ironically, all of that time indoors next to fireplaces and televisions gave Dan a passion for making the kinds of films he saw on TV. So when Dan was given a camera and an edit station to make promotional videos for his church youth group, he produced 2 short films, 13 commercials, and 2 music videos in his first year. Shortly thereafter, Dan entered a national competition at his school for short films and was the first person from a school in North Dakota to ever win 1st place.

From there Dan went to college where he studied Marketing and Management for three years before getting asked to work at the largest commercial production house in South Dakota. After two years and plenty of Telly awards, Dan decided to pack up the wagon along with the rest of his family and move westward to the beautiful state of California.

Dan now works part time at CSU, Chico helping students and faculty make their dream of making documentaries come true. He recently won a Northern California Emmy award for shooting and editing a film, The Impact of the Frolic, which is airing nationally on PBS.

Dan’s passion for great cinematography and for telling amazing stories only continues to grow. He is looking forward to capturing the emotion and the energy of your story.